MassDOT Taps TrafficLand to Expand Traffic Video Access

State DOT expands camera monitoring system.
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BOSTON –TrafficLand, the largest aggregator of live traffic video in the U.S., announced recently that it reached an agreement with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to install TrafficLand’s TLX video aggregation technology in MassDOT’s Highway Operations Center. The contractor will also distribute real-time video from its road-side camera network to multiple stakeholders in the region.

Under the agreement, TrafficLand will serve live video from 375 MassDOT traffic cameras to the Department of Transportation website. The number of cameras is expected to grow to 500 by the end of 2014.

TrafficLand will also provide specialized access to the video for first responders, other agency partners and provide an XML feed for third-party developers. TrafficLand’s technology and fortified network will also make it easier to share the video regionally with border state transportation departments.

“We look forward to collaborating with MassDOT to provide wider access to real-time video from the State’s road-side camera network,” said Lawrence Nelson, CEO of TrafficLand. “Greater access to real-time video from these cameras will be a valuable resource for commuters and others under normal conditions, and from our experience working with other states, we know it will be invaluable during severe weather events.”