Maryland Town Deploying Surveillance Cameras

Forest Heights Police Department is installing 10 IQinVision 5-megapixel IP cameras
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The Forest Heights (Md.) Police Department is installing 10 IQinVision—a producer of high-performance HD megapixel IP cameras—IQeye 5-megapixel Sentinel cameras in areas where police regularly observe loitering, drug sales and other crimes.

Under the plan, Forest Heights, a town of approximately 2,500 people many of whom are elderly and vulnerable to crime, will transmit images from the surveillance cameras to the town’s police cars, says Police Chief F. R. Webb.

“Our officers will be able to look at video on their computers before arriving on the scene,” Webb said. “This is going to give us much improved situational awareness and the cameras will act as a force multiplier,” he added.

The “goal” of the increased surveillance system is to deter crime, Webb said. “Two years ago we installed some speed cameras in an area where the speed limit drops from 50 mph to 35 [mph]. Now, folks know when they enter that part of the highway, they must slow down. I’m confident our surveillance cameras will have the same deterrent effect,” he said.

However, the system will also be used to solve crimes if needed, Webb said. “In our experience, no one ever admits to doing wrong. With this system, we can burn a copy of the high-resolution images of an incident and send that to the prosecutor,” he said.

In addition, there is support among Forest Heights’ lawmakers for the project to grow, said Webb, who added the town has committed funds needed for the surveillance camera project.