Marvell: Avastar Wi-Fi Hikes Performance 20 Times

The "beamforming" technology is a specialized method of radio-frequency transmission.
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Marvell introduces its Avastar Wi-Fi solution which features “beamforming technology” that increases “throughput” performance up to 20 times over existing systems for video and other high throughput applications, the company says in a written statement.

Marvell, a producer of integrated silicon solutions, says its series of Avastar solutions leverage an innovative transmitter beamforming technology that improves link robustness for clients ranging from new and existing 1x1- 4x4 MIMO products to legacy devices.

Beamforming is a specialized method of radio-frequency transmission used in Wi-Fi access points, substantially enhancing signal reception, thereby extending Wi-Fi signal coverage up to four times. It can also be used between two clients in conjunction with “Wi-Fi Direct,” the company says.

"Wi-Fi has become the critical common link to achieve seamless connectivity across all devices. I believe users now expect and demand robust, secure connectivity among all their wireless devices no matter where they go or what data applications they are running," said Weili Dai, co-founder of Marvell.

In addition, existing wireless solutions present different challenges when it comes to the long range and high throughput required for applications such as high definition video streaming, said Dai. Marvell raises the technology bar with Wi-Fi solutions leveraging beamforming technology, increasing throughput at range and delivering consistent performance at all times, ultimately providing greater user experience with Wi-Fi than what has traditionally been possible, according to Dai. Marvell's leading Wi-Fi solutions will fundamentally change how the technology is used today and enable a plethora of new applications and innovative products, he said.