LiveU Gear Shows University of Delaware Chorale Live from Jerusalem

Performance was streamed for graduation ceremony
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HACKENSACK, N.J.—Live from Jerusalem, it’s the University of Delaware Chorale.

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That was a special treat for the graduates and family members that were celebrating UD’s 168th Commencement back in May, as they were treated to a live streaming performance from the chorale group while they were touring abroad.

Using LiveU’s At-Home Production system, UD’s Media Services department was able to live stream the performance from the St. Vincent de Paul Chapel in Jerusalem to the school’s football field, where the commencement took place. The system allowed the production to take place in the school’s centralized studio control room while hiring a crew to produce a three-camera switched feed that sent the feed wirelessly through LiveU. Graphics and audio were handled in real time from the studio control room.


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