LifeSize: Video Center is ‘One Button HD Streaming’

Solution enables government agencies to steam video to its staff, available to help agencies with their missions.
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Video Center, a “one button HD streaming, recording and auto-publishing” solution by LifeSize, that enables government agencies to steam video to its staff, and others, as needed, is available to help agencies with their missions, says a top executive with the company.

Because everyone has a PC, or an iPhone, iPad, or iPod and can receive a communication, and training, or recording and storing of any kind of video device, Video Center provides a government agency/customer with the ultimate flexibility, Paul Cantwell, Lifesize’s vice president of federal, said. Video Center can be adapted to stream to whatever device the customer targets, he added.

An application for Video Center could occur say the head of an agency wants to communicate to all the employees and seek to provide the latest information from the top to everyone in the agency, Cantwell said. The speaker can “very easily sit at a desktop, and record onto Video Center and stream it out to every employee,” he said. Video Center’s infrastructure allows users to turn any video end point into a television studio, he said. Users can record at the press of button and then stream it out as high-definition (HD) video to viewers, or record it and store it for later replay. In addition, they not only communicate video, but also contents, such as a presentation. The receivers then have the option of watching the video live, or the presentation can be stored and retrieved at a later date, he said. Those concurrent recordings or simultaneous live streams are in 720p30 HD video.

In addition, Video Center offers several featrues. They are:

  • Push-button recording
  • Auto-publish capability
  • 1000 live HD streams, 20 simultaneous HD recordings
  • Streaming to mobile iOS devices
  • Automatic adaptive streaming
  • Network storage
  • Application programing interface (API) support
  • Customizable user interface (UI)
  • User-controlled layout
  • Ability to embed videos into other web pages
  • Intelligent management
  • Active directory/lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP)
  • Administrator control

Other features LifeSize offers government clients is that all LifeSize products have been built to encourage efficient use of bandwidth, one of the most expensive costs of that service, Cantwell said. “We’re less expensive,” he said. “Almost across the broad our costs are 30 percent less” when compared to competitors, he said.

An important consideration is LifeSize helps government users “fulfill their mission,” Cantwell said. “In many cases we’re finding the government is making use of the pubic Internet for conferences,” he said adding, they “don’t have to spend $5,000 to have a video experience, you can if you want to, but you don’t have to.” LifeSize will consult with an agency, make recommendations, at which point the “customer finds out we’re less expensive and easier to deploy,” he said.


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