LG Introduces its Latest IPS Panel Monitors

Collection includes ColorPrime, Touch 10 and UltraWide
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LG Electronics plans to introduce its 2013 collection of IPS monitors, including the ColorPrime, the Touch 10 and the UltraWide, which are respectively intended for professional applications, touch-based interactions and entertainment.

The new models—which will be unveiled around mid-January—employ LG’s In-Plane Switching technology to deliver high quality picture displays, according to the company.

“LG has focused on blending highly specialized functions with stellar IPS technology,” said Il Geun Kwon, LG Electronics’ senior vice president and head of the IT business unit. “The UltraWide, ColorPrime and Touch 10 offer solutions for nearly every task imaginable,” he added.

The EA83 ColorPrime features Wide Quad High Definition resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels) and accurately reproduces a wide color palette that represents 100 percent of Sred, green, blue color and 99 percent of the Adobe RGB, LG says.

To further enhance colors with accuracy, LG’s ColorPrime offers a hardware calibrator as well as the True Color Pro calibration software. Additionally, the monitor can be rotated up to 90 degrees for easy viewing.

The ET83 Touch 10 monitor’s ten-point touch capability provides an advanced Windows 8 user experience because LG’s 23-inch class Touch 10 monitor allows the user to use all ten fingers simultaneously, which translates to a more natural typing experience for the on-screen keyboard.

The Touch 10 also opens new possibilities for interacting with content, with educational and creative applications. LG’s monitor creates a fun way to control learning software, and the display also provides a wide horizontal viewing angle for large groups to view the screen.

LG's EA93 UltraWide monitor has a 21:9 aspect ratio. With a class screen size of 29 inches diagonal, it offers a display with multitasking and multimedia capabilities. It also features LG’s thin-bezel Cinema Screen design.

Because of the monitor’s screen size, more spreadsheet columns are visible at once making it optimal for analyzing documents, LG says.

In addition, the 4-Screen Split feature divides the screen, and rather than having to manually resize and position each open window, users can arrange programs into a variety of configurations. The Dual-Link Up function can connect the monitor to two external devices simultaneously, and additional functionality is available from the monitor’s 100 percent sRGB color space expression and support for color calibration, LG says. The monitor combines those features with IPS technology to help ensure accurate color reproduction.