LEVA Training Program Takes Closer Look at AI

Plans to discuss how new technology can be used by law enforcement video professionals
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WHITESBORO, TEXAS—Save a spot for the machines at the 2017 LEVA Digital Multimedia Evidence Training Symposium, as the organization has announced it will have a specific focus on the use of artificial intelligence for law enforcement video professionals.

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The five-day training program run by the Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association International will host multiple seminars and hands-on workshops on emerging technologies and techniques, including AI. One such session, “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Video in Public Safety,” is designed to show how a computer “sees” an image, which enables AI to search video evidence. Brent Boekestein and Ariel Amato, co-founders of Vintra, Inc., an AI software company, are the session presenters.

Other planned sessions include “Forensic Gate Analysis: What Video Analysts Need to Know” presented by Dr. Michael Nirenberg to teach attendees how to analyze how a suspect walks. There will also be a hands-on session on panoramic photography, the role of stitching software and more in “Documenting Crime Scenes With Panoramic Cameras.”

The 28th annual LEVA Digital Multimedia Evidence Training Symposium is open to all and is scheduled to take place from Oct. 16-20 in Clearwater Beach, Fla. For more information, visit leva.org.