Lectrosonics Unveils the ‘WXLR’ Solar-Powered Wireless Microphone Transmitter

Current solar cell technology believed to be advanced enough to charge the transmitter
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Lectrosonics, a producer of wireless microphone systems and audio processing products, introduces the WXLR, a solar-powered wireless microphone transmitter, which is based on the idea that current solar cell technology is advanced enough for use on portable electronic devices.

The WXLR case is 2.98 inches by 2.55 inches equating to 7.6 square inches that is covered by “multiple-junction, single crystal gallium arsenide solar cells” that are 39 percent efficient, Lectrosonics says. A custom cell sized for the WXLR case could produce 1.92 Watts in direct sunlight, but the transmitter only uses half a single Watt to operate at the two lower power settings of 50 and 100 mW. Therefore, the WXLR collects more than enough power to run the transmitter and charge the permanently installed internal Li-Ion batteries, even after overcoming small conversion losses, the company says.

In addition to the WXLR, Lectrosonics unveils the WXLRMAG “supercharger,” which is a 10-inch magnifying glass that is used to concentrate the sun’s rays onto the WXLR case, reducing charging time from two hours when the unit is in the open sunlight to 30 minutes.

Lectrosonics also unveils the “WXLRNIGHT,” which is used when the WXLR must be charged at night or in rainy weather. The WXLRNIGHT uses a 300 Watt OSRAM Ultra Vitalux sun lamp tanning bulb that is mounted on a stand with reflector, and can be plugged into any AC outlet and will charge the WXLR in about two hours, the company says. It can also charge four WXLR transmitters at once, the firm says.

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