Leader to Introduce LT4600 Multiformat Video Generator

HD test signals plus audio
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Fullerton, Calif. — Leader Instruments plans to introduce the LT4600, a multiformat video generator with HD-SDI, 3G-SDI and dual-link capability. Its two SDI outputs can be used independently from each other, and a lip-sync testing function is included as standard in the LT4600. This feature allows measurement of timing offsets caused by latency differences between video and audio processors. The new model is one RU in height and a half-rack-width wide.

The LT4600 can generate ID characters for superimposition at any operator-assigned position on the output display. A user-defined logo of up to 320 pixels width by 240 lines depth (QVGA) size can also be positioned anywhere on the screen. Safety area markers of 90 and 80 percent can be superimposed on the screen, as can a 4:3 aspect ratio marker when working in 3G-SDI or HD-SDI formats. A motion picture mode is provided to scroll the pattern.

Audio facilities include the ability to generate 32 channels of embedded audio. These consist of link A and link B, each consisting of four channels by four groups for 3G-SDI. An additional 16 channels of embedded audio signals (four channels by four groups) can be superimposed, and frequency and level can be set for each channel.

The LT4600 can be locked to NTSC/PAL black burst or HDTV tri-level sync signal. A Stay-In function can be used in case of genlock input errors. Three independent analog black signal outputs are provided. Black burst can be selected with the same format as the SDI output. HDTV tri-level sync with the same format of clock frequency can be selected for variable timing. A 48 kHz wordclock output plus a 48 kHz AES/EBU output are provided to synchronize the audio signal.

The LT4600 supports SNMP protocol, allowing easy integration into a networked system. User data can be saved or updated via a USB interface.