Laurel, Md. Police Wearing Small Video Cameras

Officers to wear the cameras during execution of search warrants
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Police in Laurel, Md., a small community between Washington and Baltimore, are now wearing small video cameras during the execution of search warrants, but police officials have not said if use of the cameras will be expanded beyond executing warrants.
Laurel police have been using the video cameras—which are attached to sunglasses—for training, and Chief Richard McLaughlin wants to deploy 10 wearable cameras among the officers. However, McLaughlin has not said if the use of wearable video cameras might be expanded beyond the execution of search warrants to everyday patrol duties.
In addition, police will be required to notify the public that they are being recorded, and the videos recorded will be stored and monitored by an outside company. Officers can use a cell phone app to watch the videos, officials say.