Latin American Country to Deploy ‘Z Portal’ at Border Crossings

The vehicle screening system safely and effectively screens cars and trucks for explosive threats, drugs and other contraband.
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American Science and Engineering, Inc. (AS&E), a global supplier of X-ray detection solutions, has been awarded a multimillion-dollar contract from a Latin American country for its “Z Portal” vehicle screening system, the firm says in a written statement.

The client country plans to use the Z Portal system for customs applications to safely and effectively screen cars and trucks for explosive threats, drugs and other contraband, AS&E says. The Z Portal system offers a proven solution for customs officials to safely, efficiently and effectively screen vehicles to find hidden threats and contraband, said Anthony Fabiano, AS&E's president and CEO.

AS&E’s Z Portal solution is a multi-view, drive-through screening system capable of scanning cars, vans, trucks and their cargo for concealed threats and contraband. With its compact profile, the Z Portal system—which is available in a large size for trucks, buses and cargo vehicles, and a smaller size for passenger vehicles—is ideal for high-traffic locations with space constraints. In addition, the Z Portal system’s low radiation dosage is safe for drivers, operators, cargo and the environment, the company says.

Z Portal customers include the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Abu Dhabi Customs, and the NATO. “This order marks our first Z Portal system sold in Latin America, and the multi-view, drive-through system will be an ideal security tool for high-traffic areas,” Fabiano said.


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