Latest Version of ‘VideoIQ VIEW’ Now Available

Version 3.2 is out along with a firmware upgrade for the complete line of VideoIQ iCVR cameras and encoders.
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VideoIQ, a provider of video surveillance technology, says version 3.2 of its advanced video management system (VMS) VideoIQ VIEW, is available, along with a firmware upgrade for the complete line of VideoIQ iCVR cameras and encoders.

The latest version of VideoIQ VIEW introduces “holiday rule schedules,” “automatic alarm acknowledgement,” “batch alarm acknowledgement” and a “customizable alarm view playback window.”

VideoIQ VIEW is an advanced VMS with unique capabilities based on real-time video analytics, high-definition resolution and distributed storage, the company says. VideoIQ VIEW allows operators to effectively and efficiently monitor hundreds of high-definition and standard resolution cameras by automatically alerting individuals to potential threats, delivering rapid intelligent search for incidents, object types and particular individuals, while managing a network of hundreds of cameras and encoders with embedded storage, the firm says.

In addition, the VideoIQ iCVR line of cameras and encoders deliver real-time threat detection while eliminating the need for external third party network video recorders (NVR) or digital video recorders (DVR), dramatically simplifying system complexity and costs while reducing bandwidth consumption by more than 90 percent. Details on the latest features offered with VideoIQ VIEW are:

Holiday rule schedules –Extended rule calendars now include holidays, allowing users to simplify rule configuration by specifying rules that will be automatically activated or deactivated during holiday periods.

Automatic alarm acknowledgement – Operators now have the ability to automatically acknowledge alarms when viewing an alarm clip. When selected during configuration, this enhancement speeds up the acknowledgment process for operators, allowing them to process additional alarms even faster than before.

Batch alarm acknowledgement– Operators can now select multiple alarms from the alarm view screen and acknowledge an entire batch, making it easier to manage a sequence of alarms that might have been generated from a single location.

Customizable alarm view playback window– Operators can customize the alarm view playback window, including video window resizing, the ability to undock the windows from the main alarm pane, the addition of IQTrack and full screen buttons, and the ability to collapse the live video view on-demand.