Jupiter Systems Debuts Canvas Collaboration System

See and share operational information
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ORLANDO, Fla. — Jupiter Systems, a supplier of collaborative visualization solutions, recently announced Canvas 2.0 suite, the new generation of its visual business intelligence software. Canvas enables customers to access all visual information in the corporate network—camera feeds and real time data—and share it with remote colleagues on virtually any device. A set of collaboration tools allows users to manage and monitor global operations extending from supply chain management, to production, sales, and distribution.

“Sharing a common operation picture is essential to effective management, but until now a 360-degree view of operations has typically been limited to managers in one central location,” said Brady O. Bruce, vice president of marketing and strategic alliances at Jupiter. “The traditional solution requires managers and operators to be in the same room at the same time looking at the same screen in order to review and analyze information. In today’s increasingly mobile and distributed enterprise that’s just not realistic.”

With Canvas, far-flung users can share video and data streams from anywhere in the network and collaborate with remote colleagues on mobile devices, PCs, and in conference rooms. Collaboration tools allow them to annotate directly on live video, draw on a shared whiteboard, chat and interact in powerful new ways.

Canvas enables managers of global enterprises to access essential information, communicate and problem solve in real time, anywhere, on almost any device, as if all participants were gathered in one place. Canvas is deployed in a wide variety of industries, including pharmaceutical companies, banking organizations and utilities.

Canvas is targeted at the needs of businesses and government agencies across industries, including education and training, security, defense, healthcare, retail, oil and gas, public safety, public and private utilities, traffic and transportation, and finance.