Iveda Solutions, Swan Island Networks Partner on School Security System

IvedaXchange provides access to cloud-based technology for school security
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Iveda Solutions, a provider of online surveillance technology and a cloud video host, and Swan Island Networks, a cloud security services provider, have partnered to offer IvedaXchange, which provides access to cloud-based technology for school security.

IvedaXchange combines Iveda Solutions’ IvedaPinpoint, the company’s global positioning and video monitoring capability, with Swan Island Networks’ Trusted Information Exchange Service platform, a secure software as a service system, to enhance school security and enable rapid response to developing situations, the companies’ say.

IvedaXchange uses cloud-based technology to provide a suite of threat assessment dashboards and alerting capabilities for schools, school districts, government agencies—or any organization wishing to upgrade their threat monitoring capability, the companies say.

IvedaXchange will enable school, law enforcement, emergency personnel and others to receive targeted emergency alerts, share key information on potential threats, and locate students, staff and buses in real time.

“The recent tragic violence at Newtown, Conn.’s Sandy HookElementary School has galvanized a consensus that school security has to be modernized and enhanced,” said David Ly, Iveda Solutions’ CEO.Centralized access to real-time video and real-time intelligence can save precious time and lives in emergency situations. “We believe that IvedaXchange is a great step forward in meeting this imperative,” he said.


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