Ithaca College Acquires Ikegami HD Cameras for Field Productions

The school produces the student-run ICTV.
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The school produces the student-run ICTV.
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Ithaca College, located in central New York and home to one of the oldest student television operations, has acquired four Ikegami HDK-77EC full-digital multi-format HD CMOS camera systems for use with its field production capabilities.

The college already has three 12-year-old portable Ikegami standard definition (SD) cameras configured for studio use, “and they’ve given us virtually no trouble,” said David Priester, the director of technical operations for the college’s Roy H. Park School of Communications. The school produces the student-run ICTV that generates programming ranging from news, documentaries and reality shows to football and basketball telecasts. CMOS camera systems for use with its field production capabilities.

“When it came time to upgrade our cameras to dual HD/SD capabilities, Ikegami was one of the companies we looked at,” Priester said. “We had demonstrations from three different vendors, and we discovered that the picture quality, capabilities, and affordability of Ikegami’s HDK-77EC cameras were the best fit for our matrix of performance and price requirements.” CMOS camera systems for use with its field production capabilities.

“In terms of performance, we can run these cameras in SD or in HD 1080i or 720p mode,” Priester said. “In terms of price, we also consider quality of service and responsiveness. Some vendors require a yearly service contract just to call them or to get a reasonable price for parts, especially if you’re past the warranty period. Ikegami doesn’t do that. We have been very happy with Ikegami service and parts support, not that we’ve needed it much. If we do need help with something it’s easy to get them on the phone.” CMOS camera systems for use with its field production capabilities.

Designed to meet the demands of an increasingly varied HD market needing both 1080i and 720p video-capture capability, Ikegami’s HDK-77EC is an economical docking-style portable multi-format HD camera with CMOS imaging sensors for interlace and progressive format flexibility with reduced power consumption and lower operating temperature. CMOS camera systems for use with its field production capabilities.

The HDK-77EC can be used with Ikegami’s CCU-890M camera control unit for built-in fiber (and optional triax) connectivity for convenient, lightweight, mobile flexibility, the company says. Users can choose the type of camera cable with a simple switch at the CCU, combined with mounting the docking FA fiber adapter (or TA triax adapter) to the camera head. An optional 1080/60p dual-processing capability is also available. At ICTV the HDK-77EC will be used with the compact, lightweight Ikegami BS-89 fiber base station to provide sufficient power to the camera for prompters in studio applications and for long-distance signal transmission of up to 2000 meters using standard SMPTE fiber. The camera system will also provide full functionality using a pair of simple single-mode fibers when power is supplied at the camera side of the fiber run.


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