iStreamPlanet Adds Real-Time Messaging to Video Streaming Services

Research firm expects it will create opportunities for broadcasters
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iStreamPlanet, a provider of live and on-demand streaming video solutions, is adding real-time messaging, ingest and publishing functions to its live streaming video services.
Those new capabilities enable broadcasters to target audiences on Internet protocol-connected devices. Services now include the ability to acquire a live video source via single-bit-rate RTMP and output multiple-bit-rate RTMP streams, as well as package RTMP streams in Apple HTTP live streaming for targeting iOS devices.
“IP-based RTMP acquisition helps to reduce the cost and complexity of live video streaming, and allows for content acquisition from practically anywhere in the world,” said Lou Greco, executive vice president of global sales and service at iStreamPlanet. The services “enable broadcasters to deliver live-linear streaming channels in addition to their on-demand and live event content,” he added.
To utilize the RTMP live-video workflow, content providers push an RTMP stream to an iStreamPlanet-certified content delivery network, the company says. iStreamPlanet pulls the stream from the CDN for media processing, which includes output to high line speed or RTMP streams with multiple bit rates and publishing to a certified CDN for playback on multiple screens.
A certified CDN can also serve RTMP streams such as Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streams targeting Flash playback, iStreamPlanet says.
A research firm focused on broadband media expects iStreamPlanet’s latest offerings will open up markets for broadcasters. “For larger broadcasters, IP-based live video workflows accelerate their TV everywhere strategy,” said Colin Dixon, senior partner at The Diffusion Group, the research firm. Those capabilities will “open up connected, live video streaming to a new market of emerging broadcasters and distributors,” he said.