ISC West: Pivot3 Wins Top Prize for Serverless Computing

Serverless Computing consolidates resources to reduce power, cooling, rack space and costs dramatically, according to Pivot3.
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The Security Industry Association honored Pivot3 at the New Product Showcase at ISC West with the Best in Show Award for its Serverless Computing storage solution.

Serverless Computing consolidates resources to reduce power, cooling, rack space and costs dramatically, according to Pivot3.

“We are thrilled to see that storage and server infrastructure is getting this high level of attention,” said Lee Caswell, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Pivot3, based in Palo Alto, Calif. “There’s a seemingly endless appetitie for more cameras, higher-resolution video and longer retention times. Serverless Computing helps end customers, integrators and partners fill these needs by bringing down costs, improving reliability and making systems manageable.”

Earlier this year, Pivot3 announced the deployment of the technology at three casinos operated by the Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma. In a large-scale expansion of the casinos’ video surveillance capability, virtual network video recorders (NVRs) on the Pivot3 serverless computing platform replaced about 9- Dell servers, reducing power consumption by nearly 70 kilowatts.

“Serverless computing changed the game for us,” said Jason Pritchard, Choctaw Nation integration manager. “We have been able to cut costs at the same time that we are increasing the quality of the storage that supports our surveillance needs. The high scalability and green benefits of the Pivot3 integrated storage and server platform were string selling points for us, as we can expand the system efficiently in power, space, cooling and cost over the long term.”

The fresh honor comes just about a week after Pivot3 announced deployments with the City of Trenton, N.J., and the city’s police department on two different surveillance projects.

At Trenton City Hall, local officials wanted instant access to 30 days of stored video from IP cameras. The Pivot3 storage solution can work with many different applications and cameras, so the city’s IT director introduced the technology to the Trenton Police Department, which shared City Hall’s need for scalable storage.

Also at ISC West, Pivot3 announced at the show its latest NVR Recovery feature that automatically restarts applications such as video management systems, access control, and video analytics in the case of a server failure. Unlike most failover techniques, which require separate physical server and storage units, NVR Recovery restarts a failed application on a virtual machine and provides access to previously recorded video.

The SIA also honored other companies’ video achievements. Pentax earned the nod in the OEM category for its 1.3-Megapixel Varifocal Plus Lens; Panasonic had the top entry in the IP Devices Products and Software category for its iPro WV-NP502 Megapixel Fixed Network Camera; TimeSight Systems was recognized in the Video Devices category for its Video Surveillance Appliances; and in Video Analytics, BRS Labs won for advancing its AISight technology to pan/tilt/zoom cameras.