Irudis Unveils ‘Tonalizer|VFX’ Video Editing Solution

The plug-in system enables advanced photographic-style grading for video.
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Irudis, a multinational imaging-software company, unveils Tonalizer|VFX a new category of editing software solutions for the video industry.

Irudis says Tonalizer|VFX, is the first plug-in system that enables advanced photographic-style grading for video. The system was created to meet the demands of videographers and post-production pros, the company says, adding it is a powerful and intuitive plug-in tailored to correct video footage from shortcomings because of adverse capture conditions such as poor exposure, lack of contrast, blocked shadows and highlights and improper white balance.

“Our vision is to create a new category of video editing products whose solid foundation is built on our advanced photographic software expertise,” says Kenneth Laerke, Irudis’ CEO. “We consider our primary audience to be post-production pros although we anticipate that our solutions will be of serious interest to photographers embracing video.”

Tonalizer|VFX operations are performed in a scene-adaptive manner by employing sophisticated per-frame and temporal computations that take the dynamics of video footage into account, Irudis says. In addition to offering all the essential tools needed to make advanced tonal corrections, Tonalizer|VFX also incorporates noise reduction technology and software-based “anti-aliasing” to mitigate sampling related artifacts, and it has been engineered to take advantage of the graphics processing units (GPUs), the firm says.