IRS Seeks Surveillance Cameras

Cameras hidden as plants, clocks and coffee trays sought
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The Internal Revenue Service is seeking to buy surveillance cameras that are concealed in clocks, plants and trays, according to an IRS solicitation posted on, the U.S. government’s website where notices for goods and services are listed.

The IRS solicitation, which was posted June 6, is listed as “recording equipment” and it seeks about 20 cameras and supporting equipment. The deadline for vendors to respond is June 11 at 2 p.m. EST, the solicitation says.

However, the IRS already has a company that it wants to acquire the cameras and equipment from. The name of that company is not disclosed in the solicitation — it is referred to as “undisclosed corporation” — and the solicitation is for vendors who can provide the products “at prices, terms and conditions equal to, or better than those” provided by the undisclosed corporation. The products being sought by the IRS are:

  • Four Internet-protocol color cameras that are concealed as plants. Each camera needs to be able to provide 700 lines of video over IP, as well as support dual video streams. They also need to be Power over Ethernet enabled and equipped with all needed software, case and router.
  • Four cameras that are concealed as coffee trays.
  • Four cameras that can be used as remote surveillance systems, each containing a built-in DVD burner and two internal hard disk drives.
  • Two camera systems concealed as clock radios.
  • Four color IP camera systems that each support a single channel network server, as well as dual video streams, PoE, webviewer, and are equipped with audio capabilities and all needed software.

The solicitation number is V-3-V0-02-ST-O15-000. Interested vendors should contact Ricardo Carter at 202-283-6111, or
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