iPad App Enables Control of Roland’s Digital Mixing Console

A wireless local area network enables users are able to adjust mixing parameters on stage or around the room
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Roland Systems Group—a provider of professional audio/video industries with applications for specific equipment—unveils a dedicated iPad application that enables control of the Roland M-480 Digital Mixing Console.

The application is designed to control parameters of the M-480 Digital Mixing Console—which features 48 mixing channels and six stereo returns for a total of 60 channels—enabling the user to store scenes and edit the Channel Strip, the company says.

In addition, using a wireless local area network to connect, users are able to adjust mixing parameters on stage or around a room, away from the M-480, Roland says.

By connecting Roland’s new Wireless Connect USB adapter to the M-480 USB port, the M-480 can appear on a wireless network enabling the iPad to connect and control the M-480, the company says.

“The success of the iPad as a tool in live audio applications is clear,” said John Broadhead, Roland’s vice president of technology and communications. “This dedicated app is an important step in a series of logical progressions in our development of remote controlled applications for operators,” he said.

The beta version of the app is expected to be available in the App Store during the summer of 2012.