ioSafe Introduces ioSafe NAS 1513+ Powered By Synology

Disaster-proof network attached storage solution is for private cloud data storage
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AUBURN, CALIF.— ioSafe will expand its product line to secure and protect up to 90 TB of data per system with the new ioSafe NAS 1513+, a disaster proof network attached storage appliance powered by Synology DiskStation Manager. The ioSafe 1513+ can store and protect large data volumes and serve the data privately while bypassing public cloud options.

The ioSafe 1513+ provides hardened data storage through a five-bay main chassis combined with two optional 5-bay expansion modules for up to 15 drive bays per system. Designed to provide all the benefits of the private cloud with fast local transfer speeds, the new NAS can be configured to still protect data from natural disasters like fires and floods. Video, audio or data libraries can be secured locally and be made available to remote workforce or clients as required. All security systems and access are controlled by the end user, without third party cloud providers.

The high performance ioSafe 1513+ will be equipped with a 2.13GHz Dual Core Intel Atom CPU and 2GB of memory, expandable up to 4GB.

The ioSafe 1513+ utilizes ioSafe’s patented DataCast, HydroSafe and FloSafe technologies to protect data from loss in fire up to 1550°F and submersion in fresh or salt water up to a 10 foot depth for 3 days.

Additionally, the ioSafe 1513+ is certified for VMware and Hyper-V use and also be compatible with the multiple protocols of the Synology DSM platform, such as TimeMachine, iSCSI, SQL, FTP, DHCP, CIFS and NFS. Cloud, photo, video and music apps are downloadable within the Synology administration web interface. Automated backups, cloud file synchronization, various RAID levels are all available. Link aggregation and automatic failover (High Availability) are possible through quad gigabit network ports.

Performance will be 202.3 MB/s Write and 350.9 MB/s, featuring speed for hundreds of office users, virtualization, SANs, backup, disaster recovery, video surveillance systems, heavy use graphics or audio installations.

“The ioSafe 1513+ is designed for the 70-80 percent of data that sits outside the public cloud – critical data that might be too massive or expensive to upload but access is still occasionally needed,” said ioSafe CEO Robb Moore.

The ioSafe 1513+ main chassis will begin shipping in March 2014 and optional expansion modules, floor mount kits and rack mount kits will begin shipping in May 2014.