Interest in Body Cameras Grows Quickly

Police nationwide encouraged to record patrol activities
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Police departments across the U.S. have increasingly been using video in a variety of locations, including in patrol cars and interrogation rooms. Some forces have even experimented with body-mounted cameras, as we discussed in an article in the April 2014 issue of Government Video magazine.

In the wake of racially tinged turmoil in U.S. cities, officials at all levels of government are urging police to use more body cameras. Some of the same officials have even allocated money to pay for significant amounts of this technology.

Post Falls, Idaho, has been using body cameras in its police force for many years and has had interesting experiences with it. Of course, one small city in Idaho can't possibly have all the permutations of policing that a big city will get, but the experience is still useful.

You can read more about Post Falls' body camera experience in this interesting article from The Atlantic:

How One Small Idaho City Has Embraced Body Cameras

The article has a couple of minor technical inaccuracies, most notably confusing Super 8mm film with 8mm video. However, the overall look at a police force's experience using body cameras is quite worth reading.