Inovativ Revamps DigiPlate System

Flat aluminum plate with 161 holes can hold laptops, hard drives
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Inovativ has refined and relaunched its DigiPlate mounting system.

Based on the cheese-plate design that is often used by professional photographers and cinematographers, the revamped DigiPlate is a flat aircraft-grade aluminum plate with 161 holes designed to hold everything from laptops to hard drives.

Specially designed clamps hold items in individual 3/18-16 tap holes, so that DigiPlate can be used to mount to tripods, light stands and other common videography or photography equipment. Custom clamps keep laptops and accessories secured to the DigiPlate, while the cheese plate design allows the clamps to be positioned based on size. Each clamp is secured to a DigiPlate using large thumb screws; custom rubber pads ensure that a laptop or accessories do not slip out from underneath. The portable system can also be used for cable management.

The company also offers a companion shade known as DigiShade, a lightweight aluminum frame that attaches to the DigiPlate.

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