Infinova Tackles Sodium Lighting for India Highway Project

Cameras operating in sodium light usually produce a yellow or blue image.
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On a surveillance project on a highway in Kolkata, India (formerly Calcutta), sodium lighting, which provides an under-2,000k color temperature environment, presented a challenge as most cameras typically work best in a color range between 2,600k and 5,000k.

Lower than that, in the sodium range, cameras produce a yellow or blue image.

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Yellow/blue shading in under-2,000k color temperature environment To keep the 105-camera project moving, Infinova customized a special embedded firmware for the camera to assure that it would provide correct color images under the 2,000k color temperature.

“These are the types of challenges we like to take on,” said Mark Wilson, Infinova vice president for marketing. “The sodium lighting was an environmental reality and the surveillance system would not have performed as required without our custom solution.”

Infinova is making headway in India; the company is also producing more than 800 cameras for use in 22 Indian airports.

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