In India, Prince Andrew 'Delighted' With Quantel Stereo 3D

The next big thing in video, stereoscopic 3D images like those in "Avatar," has gained a royal endorsement.
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The next big thing in video, stereoscopic 3D images like those in "Avatar," has gained a royal endorsement.

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Prince Andrew, Duke of York (center, seated), listens to a presentation about stereoscopic 3D

In Mumbai, India, Prince Andrew, Duke of York and the United Kingdom's special representative for international trade and and investment, took a look at live demonstrations of stereoscopic 3D video made with the same Quantel Pablo 3D post-production technology that delivered the recent blockbuster.

The prince was the guest of honor at the event organized jointly by the British Deputy High Commission and Quantel on Tuesday (March 9).

Quantel CEO Ray Cross also talked about the business side of 3D, and how it represents a unique opportunity for the film and television industries to offer consumers a great new choice alongside the proliferating media and entertainment choices available today.

"When we think of Stereo 3D, many people still think of flimsy cardboard red/green glasses, things flying out screens and bad headaches," said Ray Cross. "But 3D is very far from that now! Thanks to digital technology and the work of pioneering companies such as Quantel, 3D today is a completely immersive, enjoyable experience where the viewer becomes almost one with the scene. And it works equally as well on a home television screen as it does in the movie theatre."

Quantel had both a cinema projection screen and consumer Stereo3D television sets at the event to demonstrate the point.

"It's great to see a British company at the forefront of the next wave in movie and broadcast technology," said Prince Andrew. "Quantel has already won a number of Queen's Awards and I'm delighted to see that innovation continues to drive the company."

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