IMT Unveils Encoder and Decoder That Upgrades MPEG Systems

NCTx Encoder and NCRx Decoder optimize existing MPEG-2 system infrastructure
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Integrated Microwave Technologies LLC, a producer of digital microwave systems for the military, aerospace and government sectors, introduces its NCTx Encoder and NCRx Decoder that can upgrade MPEG-2 systems to MPEG-4.

The NCTx and NCRx provide users with a simple and cost-effective means of upgrading to MPEG-4 transmission, according to IMT. The NCTx and NCRx family of encoders and decoders were designed to optimize existing MPEG-2 infrastructure by providing “a cost-effective migration to MPEG-4” and secure BCRYPT AES 128/256 encryption/decryption.

Standard BCRYPT AES encryption and decryption will make the legacy systems interoperable with the Department of Justice and other non-proprietary manufacturers’ equipment, IMT said. That option enables users to extend the lifecycle of existing equipment and ensure compatibility with legacy sites, shared by several government agencies, the company said.

With the NCTx and NCRx family of encoders and decoders, law enforcement has an option to upgrade their existing MPEG-2 infrastructure while progressively integrating MPEG-4, said Stephen Shpock, IMT divisional chief executive. “Just by adding the NCTx and NCRx into their equipment package, law enforcement agencies can migrate to MPEG-4 at a third of the cost of an upgrade-equipment replacement,” he said.

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