ImmerVision Makes Deal to Distribute 360-Degree Lens in Japan

Tokyo-based Video Technica will promote the Panomorph lens.
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ImmerVision, inventor of the 360 degree Panomorph lens, has concluded an agreement with Tokyo based Video Technica for the distribution of the lens in Japan, ImmerVision says in a written statement.

Video Technica will promote the Panomorph lens by providing an expert and efficient sales force to meet the needs of key vertical markets such as financial, manufacturing, education and government, the statement says. ImmerVision says the Panomorph lenses are the only 360-degree wide-angle lenses that can be retrofitted to analog or internet protocol (IP) cameras to remove blind spots. In addition, they are the only 360-degree lenses that will plug and play with major closed circuit television and IP camera and software brands, the statement says.

“Panomorph lenses and ImmerVision Enables viewing functionality offer our clients a first true open and scalable 360 degree technology. Eliminating blind spots is only the beginning of what 360 degree vision delivers,” said Video Technica President Takeshi Sumiya.

“Video Technica works with domestic brands such as Sony, Panasonic and Axis, which meet ImmerVision's Panomorph lens specifications. We are proud to collaborate with Video Technica to expand the availability of Panomorph lenses throughout Japan," said Alessandro Gasparini, ImmerVision’s chief commercial officer.