IHSE USA Adds 4K DisplayPort to Draco Vario KVM Extenders

Extending 4K displays
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CRANBURY, N.J. — IHSE USA announced the Draco vario 483 series extender cards for long-distance transmission of DisplayPort, USB, audio and RS-232 signals over Cat-X or fiber cabling. The 483 series extends signals up to 140 meters over Cat-X or 10km over single-mode fiber. They provide an effective means for incorporating high-resolution DisplayPort images up to 4,096 x 2,160 pixels (4K) for ultra high definition video and can be integrated into the Draco tera enterprise and Draco tera compact line of matrix switch solutions.

The 483 series DisplayPort extenders offer excellent visual performance with ultra-fast response time for switching and extending DisplayPort/KVM signals in broadcast and post-production environments. Display resolutions supported include up to 2,560 x 2,048/60 Hz over copper and fiber. Ultra-high definition resolutions for 3,840 x 2,160 or 4,096 x 2,160/30 Hz are supported via IHSE USA’s XV models of fiber extenders.

DisplayPort is one of the newest video interface standards introduced by the VESA. Typically, DisplayPort is not directly compatible with DVI or HDMI; however, the 483 series includes dual-mode capabilities that allows the transmission of a single-link DVI or HDMI source across the interface through the use of a third-party external passive adapter when used point-to-point. When the 483 series are used as part of IHSE USA’s matrix switch systems, it becomes simple to connect HDMI/DVI displays to DisplayPort sources or vice versa.

The Draco vario plug-in card design offers a range of flexibility for enclosure styles. Vario enclosure styles are available in two-slot, four-slot and six-slot enclosures, or a 4RU 21-bay chassis. Fixed-body extender sets for DisplayPort/KVM are available in the two-slot chassis, which is offered with internal power.

The Series 483 units can transmit video and audio simultaneously with embedded audio as part of the DisplayPort 1.1 standard. They support standards enabling playback of the audio signal through monitors with integrated loudspeakers. However, a unique feature of the 483 series is its ability to embed digital audio from a secondary source when a 474 series audio/data expansion card is added to the main DisplayPort unit. There are a number of option cards available for additional signal transmission alongside DisplayPort, such as USB 2.0, digital audio, analog audio, RS232 and RS422.