Hughes Network Unveils ‘Virtualized Field Office Server’

Designed to reduce IT infrastructure and operating costs while enabling “field office of the future” applications.
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Hughes Network Systems, LLC, a producer of broadband satellite networks and services and managed network solutions, has unveiled its “virtualized server offering for the government market,” the company says in a written statement.

The “Hughes Virtualized Field Office Server” is designed to reduce information technology (IT) infrastructure and operating costs, while enabling “field office of the future” applications, the company says.

To meet their broader missions, federal agencies at the field office, bureau and division level, are seeking to deploy richer and more secure citizen-facing applications, which is increasingly demanding more bandwidth and IT infrastructure at each site, says Hughes, which is a multinational corporation that has its headquarters in Germantown, Md. The Hughes Virtualized Field Office Server offering meets that challenge head-on, enabling agencies to easily host multiple critical applications on a single managed platform, the company says.

Both centralized or cloud service applications, and those that reside at field offices to satisfy high availability and performance requirements are supported on the new Hughes Virtualized Field Office Server, the company says. Agencies can provision the platform with mission-critical applications tailored to their specific needs. Examples of that flexibility are:

  • WAN Optimization, which creates “virtual bandwidth” to and from the field office, improving performance for centralized and cloud applications.
  • Live and on-demand training and learning solutions, using video and rich media to improve employee productivity, deliver cost-effective training on agency-specific topics and federal mandates, and promote employee development.
  • Video surveillance to enhance physical security.
  • Interactive digital signage, for engaging federal employees within agencies and throughout federal campuses.
  • Virtualized desktop environments to replace expensive dedicated PCs.

Using the Hughes Virtualized Server, federal agencies can reduce the number of servers at their sites, while keeping essential applications locally for performance and reliability, the company says. Virtualization at the field office level enables IT departments to better utilize their local infrastructure, improving efficiency, application availability and performance while lowering IT costs dramatically.