How Do You Promote a New Public Transit Line?

Dance your way onto the DC Metro
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Screen grab from Silver Line promotional video

It's taken years of traffic disruptions and months of discouraging technical delays to become reality, so the Washington, D.C., Metro system needed to figure out a way to make a new service fun and relevant. The result was to bring in a professional video crew and dozens of dancers to promote the opening of the system's new Silver Line, which extends the Metro deep into Washington's Virginia suburbs.

Shot on video in one of the new stations and the surrounding neighborhoods, the on-screen action was choreographed by Washington resident Michael Stokes. The spot also features 15 actual Metro employees, as well as two local business leaders.

This spot is one of several that Metro has released to promote the new Silver line, which has future plans to run all the way to Washington's Dulles International Airport. For more information and a look at the dancing video, click on this link to the web site of CBS DC: Silver Line Dancers.