Hong Kong Airport Gets Morpho’s Latest ‘Explosives Detection’ Device

The CTX 9400 DSi uses complex computer algorithms to create X-ray images of each piece of luggage.
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Morpho Detection, Inc. is installing four of its latest “explosives detection systems” at Hong Kong International Airport, the company says in a written statement.

Morpho Detection’s CTX 9400 DSi systems—providing higher resolution on-screen images allowing system operators to make smarter, safer, faster decisions—will replace the airport's existing Morpho Detection CTX 5500 DS scanners, the statement says.

The CTX 9400 DSi creates an X-ray image as each piece of luggage passes through its tunnel, using complex computer algorithms, the images are analyzed and compared to the properties of known explosives. If an image triggers an alarm, the CTX 9400 DSi displays a high-resolution screen image that allows the operator to determine if a real threat exists. However, cleared baggage can be sent on to its destination more quickly and easily while potential threats including homemade and improvised devices can be readily identified for further inspection.

"Hong Kong's decision to install the advanced CTX 9400 DSi marks a new chapter in what has been a strong business relationship for more than 13 years," said Dennis Cooke, Morpho Detection’s president and CEO. "Morpho Detection's unfailing commitment to customer service and the reliability of these scanners demonstrate the quality and value we add to an already superior facility like Hong Kong International Airport."