Harmonic Offers ‘Version 3.1’ of MediaGrid Software

Designed to support the performance needs of high-end post-production workflows
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Harmonic Inc., which provides video service infrastructure, launches “version 3.1” of its Omneon MediaGrid System Software, which is designed to support the performance needs of high-end post-production workflows.

Equipped with version 3.1 of the software, MediaGrid storage systems can support ingestion, editing, color correction, grading and manipulation of uncompressed media, Harmonic says.

“MediaGrid provides the post-production industry with a new storage paradigm that will meet its demanding performance requirements, uniquely maintain consistent levels of performance over time, reduce costs and simplify operations,” said Ravi Parthasarathy, Harmonic’s senior director, product line management, media storage.

MediaGrid is equipped with client-side multipathing software that can deliver more than a gigabyte per second of throughput to individual clients and tens of gigabytes per second of aggregate throughput, which are the levels of bandwidth needed by applications that work with uncompressed content, according to Harmonic. The uncompressed content can be a single large file or take the form of file-per-frame formats such as DPX, the firm says.