Harkness Screens Unveils ‘Digital Screen Checker’

A low-cost hand-held device that measures screen brightness and lamp life.
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Harkness Screens,a manufacturer of projection screens for cinema and events, launched the “Digital Screen Checker,” the latest version of its luminance meter.

The Digital Screen Checker is a low-cost hand-held device that measures screen brightness and lamp life, the company says. The Digital Screen Checker expresses a screen’s brightness in foot lamberts helping exhibitors ensure presentations remain at optimum levels and ensure DCI-compliancy, Harkness says.

“The industry is more than aware of Xenon lamp light output degradation and the Digital Screen Checker is a very simple way of confirming this,” said David Harrison, Harkness Screens’ technical director. “If an existing screen is not performing to the desired brightness levels, exhibitors are left with several options: to replace the lamp with a new one, to increase the lamp size to a more powerful one or to replace the screen with one which has a higher gain level,” he said. “Gain” screens are formulated to direct more light back to the audience, he adds.

The battery powered Digital Screen Checker provides instant readings for both 2D and 3D screens and is calibrated to be accurate even in the lower ranges used in 3D projection, according to harkness. The foot lambert reading is shown on an LED digital display and is expressed to at least one decimal place.