Grass Valley’s ‘K2 Server’ Line Supports Panasonic’s AVC-ULTRA Codec Products

The K2 Summit and K2 Solo servers support play out of the AVC-LongG format
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Grass Valley has upgraded its K2 server products providing those products with “compression support” for Panasonic’s new Advanced Video Codec/Long Group Of Pictures compression type, which Panasonic made public in May.

Grass Valley said its K2 Summit and K2 Solo broadcast servers support play out of the AVC-LongG recording format, which is part of Panasonic’s new AVC-ULTRA codec family of products.

The new versions of K2 Summit and K2 Solo will be available in August, with software upgrades available for models sold within the past year, the company said.

With support for Panasonic’s new AVC-LongG recording, Grass Valley takes advantage of the K2 architecture to enable the rapid implementation of the newest electronic news gathering formats in the industry, said Mike Cronk, Grass Valley’s senior vice president, marketing. “News organizations and media groups looking for the latest generation of ENG cameras will now have the confidence they need to deliver content using a proven server platform,” he said.

The K2 Summit and K2 Solo guarantee that on-air channels never drop a frame of video, while simultaneously delivering consistent bandwidth for file transfers and editing operations, Grass Valley said.

In addition, the AVC-ULTRA offers recording in full HD to meet a variety of user needs from mastering to transmission, according to Panasonice. “Thanks to our long-term partnership with Grass Valley, AVC-LongG editing on EDIUS 7 and material management on K2 servers will be possible,” said Kunihiko Miyagi, Panasonic’s director of its imaging business division. “We believe that AVC-LongG content captured by the Panasonic AJ-PX5000 P2 cameras and AJ-PD500 recorders will enhance data transfer efficiency while maintaining high video quality, allowing us to provide our customers with an improved workflow.”

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