Government Video’s Website of the Week: Open Media Foundation

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The Open Media Foundation's front page.

This week’s website of the week is The Open Media Foundation’s website, which serves as the portal for its nonprofit services.

The Open Media Foundation is based in Denver, Colorado and according to its mission statement, exists for the sole purpose of “empowering nonprofits, governments, and individuals to shift the media conversation (and thus social awareness) from the corporate interests of our commercial media system towards the human interests of an open, diverse, engaged public.”

It does all of that by offering professional production services, training classes for all ages and rentals on production equipment and studios. Production services range from all aspects of video production, website design and branding. Educational options teach all aspects of video production and web development.

The Open Media Foundation provides special services for government agencies that need the means to deliver public meeting videos and information. Known as its, “Open Media Project,” the service provides web support for hosting live streams, archives of meeting agendas, minutes and videos, and training for the personnel whose job it is to keep the government website updated.

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