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The government video audience is huge and diverse. Some of you work in facilities that function much like traditional broadcast video operations, while a majority use video in completely different ways. Video is used for security, science, promotion, citizen outreach, education, safety and the arts... and sometimes, it's a way to simply share the fun about what we do.

At Government Video magazine, we try to reach all corners of government video operations. However, we could be missing some great opportunities, and your facility might be one of those we’re missing. That’s why we'd like you to tell us about how we can make Government Video more effective for you.

We now have a reader survey set up to collect your responses and ideas about the magazine. Here’s the link:

Government Video Survey

We would be delighted to get your feedback, so I hope you’ll take the time to give us your thoughts. We don’t have a definite closing date for this survey, but it will probably be available for two weeks. Feel free to send it to any colleagues or acquaintances you have in the industry — it’s open to anyone who works for government in a video capacity.

Depending on the results we get, this may be just the first outreach in the effort to make Government Video more effective for you. Thank you in advance for your feedback!

Bob Kovacs

Editor, Government Video magazine