Government Video Website of the Week: The Federal Trade Commission’s ‘Cure-ious? Ask.’

Site raises awareness about cancer treatment scams
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The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) website “Cure-ious? Ask.” seeks to raise awareness about cancer treatment scams by encouraging those diagnosed with cancer to be skeptical about treatment claims and to ask questions.

The website has a video on the main page in which an actor starts out looking like a physician, but who admits to not being a doctor, or even playing “one on TV.” As the actor sheds his lab coat, he warns about medical scams and “phony cancer treatments,” all with the goal of making viewers aware that deception is out there.

For urging viewers to “talk to your doctor;” “don’t stop or delay your ongoing treatments;” and to “be skeptical of online claims that a product can cure or treat cancer,” the FTC’s “Cure-ious? Ask.” is Government Video’s Website of the Week.