Government Video Website of the Week: the Community Media Database

It is a free reference site for U.S. community media
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The Community Media Database is a free reference site for community media in the United States. The site contains directories, databases, and interactive maps for community access television providers and low-power FM radio stations.
More data is being entered into the database, including a list of U.S. community access television providers by state and service area, and the website provides details on “Searching, Mapping, & Updating Records for Community Access TV Providers.” The website says, “Logged-in users may search for any or all U.S. community access television providers in this database using” a provided search form. The search form can be used to return a public access broadcaster’s contact information, programming information, system information and the social media used by the broadcaster.
The database also offers public, education and government (PEG) channels a “toolkit” for local election coverage. The toolkit “provides step-by-step assistance on how to produce effective election programming for your community.” It also explains how PEG channel can new technologies such as digital video recorders, video on demand and the Internet to promote and distribute” their finished products. “Whether this is your first time producing election programming or you’re a seasoned pro looking for new ideas, this guide can help,” the website says.
For providing PEG channels and community media with a resource that can help with production, specifically with election coverage, the Community Media Database is Government Video’s Website of the Week.
Click here to access the website.