Government Video Website of the Week: Photography Is Not A Crime

Making public police abuse of authority is the goal of the website
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Photography Is Not a Crime (PINAC) is dedicated to providing a place on the Internet where videos of police abuse of authority can be posted, thereby making public those infractions and urging that law enforcement be held accountable.

The website was launched in 2007 after Miami multimedia journalist Carlos Miller was arrested for taking photos of five Miami police officers while working on an article for a local news website. Charged with nine misdemeanors, Miller created the blog to document his trial, believing the blog would only run for a few months, but the legal process extended the trial for a year.

During that time the blog grew in popularity, and readers from around the country provided Miller with stories of photographers being arrested thereby revealing what he describes as an epidemic crackdown by police against citizens with cameras. PINAC features two types of videos. Those that document questionable—sometimes brutal—behavior by police when dealing with suspects, and police intimidation of citizens lawfully video taping the actions of officers.

The PINAC website is very active with some of its latest videos posted Nov. 26, the same day this Website of the Week was posted. The video is headlined: “Security Guard Claims it’s Against the Law to Video Record Refinery from Public Park”.

In addition, PINAC posted two videos on Nov. 25. They are headlined:

  • Georgia Cop Arrests Man Video Recording Him During Traffic Stop
  • Texas Cop Takes Pride in Kneeing Teen in Head on Video
  • Cop Threatens to Confiscate Phone as ‘Evidence’

For providing an online place where video of police abuses can be shared, Photography Is Not a Crime is Government Video’s Website of the Week.

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