Government Video Website of the Week: New York City’s Virtual Civic Forums

Uses technology to ask the public for suggestions about issues affecting the city.
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New York City’s Virtual Civic Forums are trying to open up New York’s municipal bureaucracy by using technology to ask the public to make suggestions online and via text message about scores of subjects such as making the city greener and more sustainable. It is also using social media to question the public about proposals and civic issues most relevant to their neighborhoods.

Examples of some of the voluminous topics open for discussion on the website include online discussions about websites that are aiding the arts in New York City, including “” which collects information on free admission times, hours and fees at over 100 museums around the city; or the announcement by Ruckus Media that it has raised $3.5 million in its first round of funding which it plans to use to expand its mobile app offering and extend into additional platforms.

So far the website is little more than a local-level digital suggestion box, but for creating a outlet for information on the city and its programs and problems, the New York City’s Virtual Civic Forums is Government Video’s Website of the Week.