Government Video Website of the Week: Feds Hire Vets

The website uses text and videos to makes the case for the hiring of veterans
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The Feds Hire Vets website provides federal employment information for veterans, transitioning military service members, their families as well as federal hiring officials.

The website features both ��Information for Job Seekers” and “Information for Hiring Managers,” and uses text and videos to makes the case for the hiring of veterans.

For job seekers the website says, “Thank you for your service,” and then provides information veterans need for federal job opportunities. There is also a “Vet to Vet” video on preparing for a career with the federal government.

For hiring managers, the website tries to answer the question “why appoint veterans,” and makes the case that “veterans and transitioning military service members are ready to supply the very skills the federal government needs.” Veterans have acquired a wealth of knowledge, skills and competencies through practical workforce experience, and the cutting edge training and education they have received during their military service is transferable to those skills oftentimes being sought by agencies in filling open positions. There are also video testimonials by hiring managers on what veteran hires have provided to their agencies.

For creating a website that seeks top “energize and mobilize” federal human resource officers to seek out and hire veterans, the Feds Hire Vets websiteis Government Video’s Website of the Week.

Click here to access the website.