Government Video Website of the Week: DHS Quadrennial Review

And this quadrennium, there will be a series of Web-based events to enable as many stakeholders as possible to participate. 
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Citizens, businesses and government agency with something to say about the nation’s homeland security can soon weigh in.

DHS is working on its Quadrennial Homeland Security Review. And this quadrennium, there will be a series of Web-based events to enable as many stakeholders as possible to participate.

It remains to be seen what the user interface for this dialog will look like, how smooth the tools will be and if the Web “dialogs” will be dynamic enough to capture the interst of a wide range of parties. From the looks of the site,, it’s not exactly clear how it will all work.

But at the very least, DHS is using the tools available to reach out and hear what the public has to say in the three dialogs, each a week long.

DHS says each dialogue will build on the previous one, allowing participants to view and comment directly on proposed elements of the review before they are made final. The Congressionally mandated final report is due Dec. 31.

Each of the three dialogues will involve discussions on six topics being reviewed by DHS:

* Counterterrorism and Domestic Security Management
* Securing Our Borders
* Smart and Tough Enforcement of Immigration Laws
* Preparing for, Responding to, and Recovering from Disasters
* Homeland Security National Risk Assessment
* Homeland Security Planning and Capabilities

The experiment in consultation is being hosted by the National Academy of Public Administration, an independent, non-profit, congressionally-chartered institution, on behalf of DHS. And its the Government Video Website of the Week.

The dialogs are Aug. 3-9; Aug. 31-Sept. 6; and Sept. 28-Oct. 4. But interested folks can go to the site early to sign up for updates.

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