Government Video Website of the Week: Department of Transportation’s ‘D!’

In 2009, distracted driving caused the deaths of nearly 5,500 people.
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In 2009, distracted driving caused the deaths of nearly 5,500 people—some of them pedestrians—and injured nearly 500,000 more. The Department of Transportation (DoT) is trying to reduce those numbers by showing the aftermath of fatal accidents cause by motorists who were texting or talking on their cell phones while driving. The DoT is doing that by posting interviews with the loved ones of the victims of distracted drivers on the website D!

Those interviews are posted under the “Faces of Distracted Driving” section and they include the daughter of a woman walking along the road who was killed by a teen driver who was texting at the time and hit the woman at 70 miles per hour; and there is the mother of a 13 year old girl who was on a school bus that was hit from behind by a tractor-trailer. The truck driver survived, and said he was talking on his cell phone at the time. He claims he never saw the school bus.

These stories break your heart. As the daughter says, it’s not about accident statistics, it’s about having to hear there’s been an accident and your loved one did not survive.

For attempting to reduce the deaths caused by distracted drivers, DoT’s D! is Government Video’s Website of the Week.