Government Video Website of the Week: Community TV Network

The CTVN’s videos are generally not entertaining, but they pack a wallop
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Chicago’s Community TV Network is a non-profit organization that seeks to foster video production among underprivileged youth. Funded in part by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, the Illinois Arts Council and the state Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, viewers will find CTVN’s videos are generally not entertaining, but they pack a wallop.

For example, the video “After the Bullet” features two unrelated girls who explain that they have bonded because their mothers were killed by gang members simply because the women were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In addition, the video “Trauma” is an in-depth examination of gun violence, in and around, the Rockwell Gardens Housing Projects. Ex-gang members, who work to end gang violence, describe how banning handguns leads to a prevalence of semi-automatic weapons flooding into the city from southern states. In addition, current gang members explain that even after all the meetings between rival gang members to halt the violence, in the end they cannot forget, “those guys murdered my friend.”

However, some of the young producers take on issues far from the inner city such as the video about the low wages—about $1.25 per day—paid to the Asian workers who make Nike sneakers costing more than $100 per paid. There is also the video about addiction to technology, which shows such an addiction is not limited to affluent youths, but can affect young people anywhere.

For enabling teens and young adults to express themselves using video, Community TV Network is Government Video’s Website of the Week.

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