Government Video Announces 2014 Salute Award Winners

Here is a list of the products recognized at GV Expo this year
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Virtual Backgrounds “DigitalProjected Background System” — This technology allows users to very simply and easily insert a still or moving video background image behind live talent. It does not employ and computer or conventional chroma key “green screen” technology, keeping costs down and making it easy to implement. It does not suffer either from the “tearing out” or fringing sometimes seen in chroma keys and allows talent to wear clothing of any color without worry that it’s too close to the background color to allow proper keying.

Blackmagic Design “Studio Camera 4K” — Blackmagic Design continues to push down the cost of entry to high-end video production, making it affordable for many government operations. The Studio Camera 4K has a logical design that should have been part of studio cameras for years, including a built-in 10-inch display that’s even bigger than the optional displays you must add to most other cameras. By the time you accessorize a more traditional camera with all the necessary studio equipment, the cost of the Studio Camera 4K becomes quite attractive. And it can shoot at HD resolution, if that is your need for today, giving you future capability.

Evertz “VScribe” capture, tag and playout system — This clip playout system includes many of the features and much of the functionality incorporated in the Evertz DreamCatcher replay system, but at a fraction of the cost, allowing its implementation by PEG entities and other entities operating with smaller equipment budgets.

Tektronix “Cerify enterprise and cloud automated analysis system — This technology provides automated inspection of file-based content being ingested in a variety of formats, bitrates and compression standards, greatly assisting the quality control operations of television program providers. It provides automatic examination of all content and flags areas/scenes that fall beneath established levels of acceptability. The QC operator can then examine the tagged portions of the content to determine what actions are needed before the material can be aired. Its implementation allows much greater productivity to be achieved in QC operations.

Ikan “Piatto series of LED lighting devices — Thisis a range of LED edge-lit lighting instruments that provide a very even and soft light for television/cinema production work. The are available in both round and rectangular formats to allow users to tailor light output and also come equipped with battery plates that allow owners to use them with a variety of camera batteries, including those used with Canon, Panasonic and Sony cameras. The price point of the 9-inch unit displayed by Ikan is also attractive at $379.

Lynx “Television and Data Network”— This system delivers high-definition television signals along with Internet or other services on a shared CAT-5/6 data cable, providing up to 210 HD channels. It can be implemented for about half the cost of conventional coaxial or fiber cable installations.

Fujifilm “Dternity” storage and archiving solution — The LTO tape-based storage/archiving system was designed for ease of use, economical operation and scalability. It is file-based, portable and completely non-proprietary, allowing users to store files without having to perform file type conversions, add wrappers or install software. It can grow as a user’s needs and content library grows and provides the option of automatically replicating content in the Fujifilm Dternity Media Cloud as well as locally on LTO tape.

Cobalt Digital “Quint-Split” multiviewer product — This is a new offering from Cobalt that works with virtually all video signal sources, is extremely quick and easy to configure to meet the user’s display requirements and is fully-featured in terms of audio, timecode and other displays. It’s also attractive in that it’s available in two different configurations—a standalone rackmounted unit, or as an openGear card that can be used in an owner’s existing card frame, saving both space and money.

Altinex Muse IP+ HDMI and Power Extension System— This product makes installing remote HDMI devices, such as a digital signage display, much easier by sending both power and signal down the same Cat-5e/6 cable. In other words, a digital signage monitor or other HDMI device can be installed in a location that has not power, and be remotely powered from the communications cable.

Monarch HD Streaming and Recording Appliance— Matrox has made it easy to simultaneously stream and record a video event, at impressive quality. The Monarch HD is small, inexpensive and easy-to-use, and it can be set to record and stream video at broadcast quality.

JVC GY-HM200/170 4K Camera Series — JVC’s new GY-HM200 is an affordable 4K camcorder with professional features such as XLR audio inputs, a 12x zoom lens and built-in streaming capability. It’s sibling, the GY-HM170, has identical performance without the XLR inputs and streaming capability, if those are not needed for the application.