General Cable Unveiled 2 Lines of Gepco Brand Cables

Water-resistant series and shipboard line are launched
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General Cable, a developer of copper, aluminum and fiber-optic cable, recently unveiled two lines of Gepco Brand cable products, including a water-resistant series and shipboard line.
Gepco Brand, a developer of studio and broadcast audiovisual cable owned by General Cable, unveiled its HydroBloc water-resistant cable, which is designed with a two-ply water-blocking tape that has a polymer “sandwiched” between two fiber filament tapes. By placing the polymer between the two fiber filament tapes, the volume of polymer that can be present in the cable is increased, thereby making the HydroBloc an advanced water-blocking cable, the company said.
In addition, HydroBloc cables — with the exception of coax versions — are outfitted with water-swellable fillers for added protection, the company said. The design prevents water from migrating down the cable and disrupting any electrical characteristics should there be a cut or slit in the jacket, according to the firm.
The HydroBloc line is available in a variety of cable types — including shielded and unshielded versions — that can be used in an array of applications including for data and power control, multi-pair or general-purpose audio, communications and CATV and HDTV, Gepco said.
“HydroBloc cables provide an excellent solution for indoor/outdoor applications,” said Joe Zajac, Gepco Brand’s sales and applications engineer.
General Cable also launched the line of Gepco Brand ABS Shipboard Cables that are designed for marine and offshore environments, and which are UL rated and approved by the American Bureau of Shipping, the company said.
Produced in the required “low-smoke, zero halogen” configuration, the ABS Shipboard Cables can be used for a array of applications including data or power control, microphone, digital, line-level-balanced or general-purpose audio, high-resolution, broadband and baseline analog video, networking, wireless systems, VSAT, CCTV and security cameras, the company said.
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