Gadspot’s ‘IntelliScan’ is Equipped with Facial Recognition

Eliminates need to add expensive facial recognition software
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Gadspot, a provider of video surveillance products, unveils the IntelliScan 750TVL, a high-resolution security camera equipped with “state-of-the-art human facial recognition capabilities,” thereby doing away with need to add expensive facial recognition software, the company says.
The IntelliScan 750TVL can automatically zoom in and target a person’s face for high resolution close up surveillance, directly recording the images to any digital video recorder (DVR). In addition, another mode can track, zoom and take quick snapshots of multiple faces, which can be useful for surveillance of multiple targets, says Gadspot, which says other features of IntelliScan security cameras are:

  • Light detection on human face with dynamic light compensation
  • Processing of images with high-quality demisted surveillance system
  • High-sensitivity wide dynamic range (WDR) color camera, providing video with nearly perfect exposure no matter what lighting conditions exist
  • Night intelligence infrared (IR) detection
  • Built-in powerful IR LED illuminator
  • Back light compensation (BLC)/high light control (HLC)
  • Motion detection
  • Weatherproof (outdoor cameras)

Because the IntelliScan 750TVL offers built-in human facial recognition capability, the latest technology is now available for video surveillance without the need to buy expensive software, said Judy Chen, Gadspot’s president. Organizations have an option to further secure their premises, she said.


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