FutureVideo Unveils ‘V-Station HD’ DVR

System can record four-cameras simultaneously and manage video
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FutureVideo Products Inc., a manufacturer of control products for video and audio applications, says its V-Station HD Field Multi-track Project DVR, which records four HD cameras simultaneously and can manage the video, is available.

The V-Station HD can record those four tracks of video at full HD 1080p video at 60 fps in H.264 format with a 30Mbs video rate, and can manage the footage through its built-in project management system, FutureVideo says. By organizing all the metadata and video content at the start of production, instead of manually doing those tasks during post-production, the V-Station shifts the paradigm of video production workflow, the company says.

Users operate V-Station HD via a seven-inch touch-screen color liquid crystal display panel, and they can playback and review videos while new content is being recorded, FutureVideo says. V-Station HD’s four-track DVR unit’s dual hot-swappable 1TB Raid HDDs hold approximately 80 hours of 1920 x 1080p 60 fps full HD video when four cameras are being recorded simultaneously, the company says. That provides redundant backup in case of a drive failure during recording, it adds.
To facilitate smooth and efficient workflow once recording is completed, V-Station HD Field generates playlists, shot lists and event logs that are easily transferrable to a V-Station HD Studio system for post processing, the company says. The Microsoft Excel-compatible shot list file contains all the production metadata — including each clip’s camera information, project recording settings, file name and date/time — that is useful when importing the content into a non-linear editing system, FutureVideo says.
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