FutureVideo Introduces Multi-Camera Editing Software for Action Cameras

Low-cost software for editing and analysis
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FutureVideo Multi-View HD Pro user interface

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif. — Multi-track video recorder product manufacturer FutureVideo Products recently announced the low-cost Multi-View HD Pro multi-camera editor software that is compatible with video shot by sports/action cameras like GoPro’s popular Hero range. Users deploying up to eight cameras in a single shoot will now have a fast way to synchronously play back, edit and share their multi-cam video content.

“Users of multiple action cameras in a variety of applications required a quick and easy way to synchronously play back all angles together and edit the footage without the need to use expensive, complex video editing software,” said Stephen Godfrey, FutureVideo’s director of business development. “We’ve developed an intuitive software application to handle up to eight videos shot from different angles, then edit it all into a sharable video that — with the click of a button — can be uploaded to YouTube or FTP sites. Multi-View HD Pro’s logging feature makes it attractive for analytical use by law enforcement agencies with incident footage from multiple dash cams and body cameras.”

Multi-View HD Pro’s AutoProducer feature provides users with the ability to quickly edit multiple angles taken from the action camera videos without first having to do the time-consuming importing and transcoding normally required for editing. Movies can be created in a variety of HD formats that are suitable for the end distribution point. Multi-cam editing with Multi-View HD Pro is designed for those who want to concentrate on the production end — not spending hours trying to figure out complicated video post-production software.

Multi-View HD Pro is available from FutureVideo on a factory-direct basis. It’s compatible with Windows 7/8 operating systems.