Fujinon Touts ZS17x5.5 Lens

The standard ENG Style HD lens for news and production boasts ruggedness and mobile applications.
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Fujinon is touting its ZS17x5.5 which is a half-inch lens that is part of its “Select Series” and which is an all digital lens that is equipped with either a semi servo (BERM), or a full servo (BERD), said Thom Calabro, Fujinon’s Optical Devices Division’s director of marketing and product development.

The ZS17x5.5 has a standard ENG Style HD lens for news and production—it is very rugged and even has mobile applications—and has a 2X extender and DigiPower servo, Calabro said. “This lens is very high quality, it is the same construction as our Premier line, but at a reduced cost,” he said.

The ZS17x5.5 has “quick zoom,” and “cruise zoom,” and variations on how the zoom will ramp up and decay, he said. In addition, the lens “has lower power consumption and it has reduced backlash,” he said.

It also has a new, ergonomically designed, grip, and that new grip is across all Fujinon’s digital lenses, Calabro said. It also has a “super-slow zoom,” he said, adding, “previously we were five minutes end-to-end, know we’re eight minutes end-to-end.” It is “very steady, (and) very calm.”


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